First day of the IPC


There are a lot of interessting talks. I heard:

  • Domain Specific Languages (Tobias Schlitt, Gordon Oheim)
  • Living with Legacy (Sebastian Bergmann, Slides)
  • Rethinking the Artichtecture of a modern CMS (Lukas Smith, Henri Bergius)
  • PHPUnit Best Pratice (Sebastian Bergmann, Slides)
  • Designing Beautiful APIs (Tobias Schlitt)

Domain Specific Languages (DSL)

DSLs are Languages designed for exact one domain (one purpose), e.g. SQL, LDAP or PCRE.

But the talk itself were about external and internal DSLs.

External DSLs

An external DSL is a DSL which you use between different organizations or companies, for example [BEHAT] and [MINK]. You can describe business cases with these tools and the customer can define exactly what an application should do.

And with behat and mink you can generate test cases out of this definition.

Internal DSLs

Internal DSLs are more technical languages you use inside your projects. Toby showed a tool to generate html slides out of code files, with a simple syntax which lines should be included and which lines should be highlightet on which slide.

Living with Legacy

I think this talk was like the PHPUnit Best Pratice and the beautiful APIs talk.

Rethinking the Artichtecture of a modern CMS

This talk was awsome. I'm really unhappy that I didn't listen quite well, because I tried to set up this blog. I think I'm not able to sum up this talk :-(